Homework Assignment #5

1. Let Si be a statement and Ci be a condition. i, j, k, kind are integer variables. For each of the following statements, draw a flowchart using the basic one-entry-one-exit control structures.

(a) if (C1)

if (C2)

for (i = 0; i<100; i++) S1;


for (j = 100; j>0; j--) S2;


for (k = 0; k<i+j; k++) S3;

(b) do {

while (C1) S1;


} while (C2);

(c) switch (kind) {

case 1: {

while (C1) {S1; S2;}



case 2: {

for (i=0; i<100; i+=kind) S3;



case 3:

do {S4;} while (C2);


2. Consider the following  program segment:

int a[5][4][3];
int i, j, k;


for (i=0; i<5; i++)

  for (j=0; j<4; j++)

    for (k=0; k<3; k++) a[i][j][k] = i + j + k;

Suppose the starting address of array a[0][0][0] is 0X22FEF0. Write the value or address of each of the following expressions. Explain your answers.

(a) a+2

(b) *(a+2)+3

(c) **(a+3)+1

(d) *(*(a+3)+1)+1

(e) *(*(*(a+4)+3)+2)

3. For each of the following program segments, answer how many loop iterations are executed. Explain your answers.


for (i=0; i<100; i=i+3)

  for (j=i; j>=0; j--) {

    a = a + i + j;



i= 100;

j = 10;

k = 15;

while (i>=j+k) {

  i = i - 4;

  j = j + 3;

  k = k - 5;



i = 500;

j = 300;

do {

  if (i<j) {i++; j--;}

  else {i--; j++;}

} while (i!=j);

4. For the following restaurant order procedure, (a) draw a flowchart to show the procedure, (b) modify the flowchart of (a) using only the basic one-entry-one-exit control structures.

1. Ask and read waiter's name.
2. Ask and read table number.
3. Show the menu.
4. Select an item.
5. If the item selected is between 1 and 8, then enter the number of the selected item.
6. Record the order and go to Step 3.
7. If the item selected in Step 4 is 0, then complete the order.
8. List all items ordered and their quantity.
9. List the total price.
10. List the waiter's name and the table number.