Programming Practice
Deitel and Deital, 4th edition, Chapter 15

15.5 Write a C++ program that uses an inline function circleArea to prompt the user for the radius of a circle and to calculate and print the area of that circle.

15.6 Write a complete C++ program with the two alternate functions specified below, of which each simple triples the variable count defined in main. Then compare and contrast the two approaches. These two functions are
a) Function
tripleCallByValue that passes a copy of count call-by-value, triples the copy and returns the new value.
b) Function
tripleByReference that passes count with true call-by-reference via a reference parameter and triples the original copy of count through its alias (i.e., the reference parameter).

15.8 Write a program that uses a function template called min to determine the smaller of two arguments. Test the program using integer, character and floating point number pairs.