Programming Practice
Deitel and Deital, 4th edition, Chapter 17

17.7 Create a Date class with the following capabilities:

a) Output the date in multiple formats such as
June 14, 1992

b) Use overloaded constructors to create Date objects initialized with dates of the formats in part (a).

c) Create a Date constructor that reads the system date using the standard library functions of the <ctime> header and sets the Date members.

17.8 Create a SavingsAccount class. Use a static data member to contain the annualInterestRate for each of the savers. Each member of the class contains a private data member savingsBalance including the amount the saver currently has on deposit. Provide a calculateMonthlyInterest member functions that calculates the monthly interest should be added to savingsBalance by annualInterestRate divided by 12; this interest should be added to savingsBalance. Provide a static member function modifyInterestRate that sets the static annualInterestRate to  a new value. Write a driver program to test class SavingsAccount. Instantiate two different savingsAccount objects saver1 and saver2, with balances of $2000.00 and $3000.00, respectively. Set annualInterestRate to 3%, then calculate the monthly interest and print the new balances for each of the savers. Then set the annualInterestRate to 4% and calculate the next month's interest and print the new balances for each of the savers.