Programming Practice
Deitel and Deital, 4th edition, Chapter 21

21.7 Write a program to test inputting integer values in decimal, octal, and hexadecimal format. Output each integer read by the program in all three formats.

21.8 Write a program that prints pointer values using casts to all the integer data types. Which ones print strange values? Which ones cause errors?

21.9 Write a program to test the result of printing the integer value 12345 and the floating-point value 1.2345 in various-size fields. What happens when the values are printed in fields containing fewer digits than the values?

21.10 Write a program that prints the value 100.453627 rounded to the nearest digit, tenth, hundredth, thousandth, and ten thousandth.

21.11 Write a program that inputs a string from the keyboard and determines the length of the string. Print the string using twice the length as the field width.